The Brutal Legend of Fae

Ever since we upgraded Legend of Fae from GM7 up to GM8 we have been testing the game to make sure nothing is broken.

At the same time I took it upon myself to play through the game with the Least optimal ability spec possible, and it is BRUTAL. It’s good to make sure that it is possible to win levels with any of the possible upgraded abilities, even though there is a reset abilities button that only has a minor penalty attached. I’m up to level 41 now and it was a long hard road. I had to use every trick in Claudia’s spell book to scratch by.

This doesn’t mean there are abilities that you should never get. Every ability is useful against certain things, those things just might not be in the level you are in. At specific intervals I am actually changing my spec to the worst possible one for what is in the levels ahead.

Claudia is a tough cookie… well she is now.

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6 Responses to The Brutal Legend of Fae

  1. Jonathan says:

    Heh, really looking foward to the release guys :). You guys should write about how you game design/come up with concepts and stuff :D. I know i’d want to read it :P, been interested in how other game makers design and such.

  2. Carolina! says:

    Hey Jonathan, glad you’re into what we’re doin’! We do intend to write more about our design decisions in future posts. It’s a bit more fun when we’re at a start of a project and not the end but we can always backtrack. Feel free to mention anything else you’d like us to post about too :3

  3. Aztec says:

    I’ve followed you guys since the first Valdis Story demo. I’m glad you guys are finally updating people again. I’ve had your website bookmarked for the longest time without any updates about anything since demo v3.5. And I took the liberty of linking people to this blog in the Valdis Story thread at GMC after people thought you guys abandoned the project since it wasn’t updated in years. Anyway glad to see you guys back up and running and I’m looking forward to Fae.

    • Kyron says:

      Thank you for your support. We have mostly been keeping quiet until we were really close to having something done. Legend of Fae is pretty much just polish and tweaking at this point, and the full final version of Nimbus Sky Princess should come along soon after Legend of Fae’s release.

      There are already a bunch of design docs and concept art for the Valdis Story reboot, but we won’t start posting anything about it until after these current projects are out the door. All I can say for now is that the working title is Valdis Story ‘The Abyssal City’.

  4. Scott says:

    Man, if *you* say it’s brutal, Kyron, I think it’s safe to guess that it’s a brick wall for many of us. 😉

    I look forward to playing it when I can!

  5. Scott says:

    Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac …. just waitin’, just sayin’. 😉

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