A moderately large pile of news.

There has been updates that have not been collected on this blog as it should be. So here’s a quick run down.

Nimbus Sky Princess was developed as a short fun project to be entered in it’s engine’s Website competition.  Last week, YoYo Games competition 5 finally posted it’s winners and Nimbus was awarded a glorious 3rd place. Woo! The best part is that the little darling  jumped from 96 plays to like 1700+ plays!  Other than Yoyo Games we haven’t really exposed  Nimbus to the masses, so it’s definitely exciting to see what people think.  Yes, between a lot of angsty comments about losing we do receive occasional and much appreciated feedback! Kyron has already brain stormed some ideas for the rest of Sky Princess.

Anyway, here’s Nimbus Sky Princess in action!

In the next bit of news, we finally posted a video to our commercial game Legend of Fae. We spent a majority of last year working on it and funded it straight from our own pockets. We were in true indie hermit mode. We both grew long beards and donned computer tans. It was about 6 months in when we decided it was time to get a job to be able to finish it with out a rush. Now we both have some steady work and all though there’s no release date in mind we are getting the ball rolling again.

Gameplay Video:

And what’s it about?

A young girl’s home is thrust into chaos as the natural world and the magical Fae world begin to merge around her.
Legend of Fae is a Puzzle/adventure game where the player must gather mana on the puzzle board to cast spells and attack enemies.
Includes customizable play through upgrading your magical lantern and 50 levels full of story, challenging game play and really adorably animated sprites!

As for our future developments… We have many game ideas and mechanics in mind for the future.  Many times when Kyron releases new video and art  some of his old fans ask for Valdis Story. Well, we do have plans for Valdis Story but it will be a new and improved development.  The reason for this mostly being that the old code is “stuck together with duct tape”. The new story still takes place in the same world as old Valdis Story just in a different time frame.

Other then Valdis Story, we also have plans for an adventure/card game and a simpler (in terms of game designed),  yet deeply story driven Judgement Game. One of these games will be in production to help us transition to a new engine. Which engine… it starts with a U.

That’s about all the news I have at the moment.  What a load off my back!

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3 Responses to A moderately large pile of news.

  1. Rafael says:

    Queria jogar o Legend of Fae.
    Como eu baixo ele?

    • Carolina! says:

      Oi Rafael, Legend of fae ainda está em desenvolvimento e não foi liberado ainda. Não há data de lançamento ainda porque ambos têm empregos a tempo inteiro e isso torna difícil julgar um prazo bom. Vamos postar aqui quando tivermos mais notícias.

  2. Chang says:

    alguem sabe o porque d tanta demora no valdis story???eu achei esse texto uma desculpa muito esfarrapada.nao deceu nao

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