Product Update V1.009 + Sale!

Hey Everyone !
Today we released Fae Tactic’s update 1.009. The details of the update are below. It’s also on SALE! So if you haven’t checked it out yet or know someone who’s needs to check it out maybe today is their day 😀

-Eigo’s Decent free battle would sometimes spawn two treasure chests.
-Fixed a lock that would occur if the player tried to delay their turn while casting a spell talisman.
-Units with no element weren’t receiving the Curse Resist bonus from camping food buffs.
-Reflex wait skill wasn’t properly displaying its scaling Reaction value in the description.
-Graphical bug caused when Guts triggers on units with living-bomb skill.
-Back attack bonus was only displayed in battle and not in party edit.
-Various typo’s fixed.
-ultra cursor effect carries over to adjacent item when hovered over quickly
-Gremlin cannons were missing the splash skill tag.
-Fixed multiple scenes where retreated party members would not respawn correctly. (Ongoing)
-Order of operations adjusted to prevent Ryhfel lock bug against protect/counter events.
-Fixed a bug that prevented a secret stage from appearing if you had not yet recruited Red.
-Sound no longer muted when game window loses focus to address an issue with some display setups.
-Fixed a soft lock that sometimes occurs when a summoned unit gains a lv from a mana orb.
-Fixed cursor info display bug when moving your cursor over blue berries with barrier belt upgraded.
-Some fixes to ranged line of sight around walls.

-New UI for equipping all items on leader units.
-Erisolde’s base attack range increased by 1
-Jaeger attack range bonus reduced by 1.
-Repeater now also grants Whirlwind skill.
-Sorcerifle Atk increased slightly. HP drain can no longer deal fatal damage.
-New skill “Ballistics”. Attacks will not trigger Reaction skills
-Various changes to Mirrar battle.
-Various changes to Apex skill.
-Merged Synergy skill properties into Teamwork skill.
-New skill “Carapace”. Greatly reduces back attack damage received. Unit can not evade.
-Various changes to scrolls to improve some of the weaker or less used scrolls.
-New equipment/mechanic type, Gems, added.
-New side quest added to acquire gems.
-New skill “Iron Wall”. Greatly reduces all non-back attack damage.
-Red summon ritual site can now be revisited through free battles.
-Various changes to improve some of the weaker Spell Talisman.
-Tom has a new passive skill that increases his Atk as he loses Hp.
-Tom’s Elven Cleaver now changes his element to Fire instead of granting bonuses on kill.
-Some of the abnormal skills granted to corrupted fae have been changed.
-Increased accuracy penalty from blind curse.
-Gaea’s hands can now be destroyed, reducing its offense and defense.

This is an abbreviated form of the patch notes. The full notes for current and future updates can be found HERE. Thanks again for all your bug reports and feedback. For those wondering why the version skipped from 007 to 009, we scrapped an alternate play mode that was being worked on in version 008. Most of new stuff that was made for that mode has been merged into the main game as new side quests and items. These new optional quests are labeled as “Challenge” quests and are a bit harder than normal battles.

If you’re reading this, thank you so much for the continued support 😀 Have a Beautiful day!


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I’m making a quick update since there’s some comments about the switch port and I want to talk about it. There was also a Nintendo Direct today. I remember we had one fan on twitter who was always excited for those because Fae Tactics might pop up. It was so sweet but kind of makes me a bit sad. Ports are hard.

Since my last update where I talked about the struggles, nothing has happened. We hit a wall. There’s no update on the switch port and there’s no plans for the 3rd party developer(porter) to continue working on it. I’m so sorry if you’ve been waiting for this.

As for the content update to Fae Tactics, it’s nearly complete. We’ve bumped into some issues and are trying to iron them out before release. There is no release date for this update yet. I can tell you it’s a free update, so everyone can enjoy it!

Other than that we divide our time with some other things. I hope we can share it all with you soon.

Hope you’re warm and cozy!


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What happened with the Switch Port of Fae Tactics.

I would have liked for this post to be the long-awaited Fae Tactics Switch release post.

It’s not and I’m sorry. I know many people have written to us about the status of the switch port and all I could ever write back was “It’s in progress, wish us luck”.

To make our games we use a program called GameMaker by Yoyo Games. We write the story, design the game mechanics, code, and create art.

After many hardships, a baby, and nearly empty pockets while making this game, we were lucky to partner with Humble Bundle to complete Fae Tactics. It wouldn’t have been possible without their funding. Porting was a part of that deal.

We were not handling the Switch port ourselves. We were working with another developer to get this done. Unfortunately, there was a technical issue causing performance problems on the switch version. It brought the production of the Switch port to a halt. Until the issue is resolved there is no switch port.

I know it’s not fair to have had your hopes up high and then dropped like that but you deserved an explanation. I was hoping that Fae Tactics would be the first of our games that we get to see on console. Everyone always asks for Valdis Story to be ported and this game was supposed to be a lot easier. I’m not even the one who worked hard making a million changes to try to get the port done. There were no weekends or breaks for Kyron, during the whole process.

Aside from that the game has been so well received and I’m so thankful for those of you who have written reviews to share your opinion on our work. In the weeks after release, we didn’t even take a break. We prioritized addressing immediate bugs and quality of life issues that players reported. We’ve since then have taken a break but…

we have an update coming soon that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Thanks so much for taking an interest in our projects. I hope to write here soon about the new thing in the works.



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